Annual energy saving


Cumulative energy saving

1,795 Tonnes CO2

Cumulative emissions reduction


Equivalent car trips from Sydney to Melbourne


Individual optimisations

“EP&T’s edge technology is assisting the team to address efficiency opportunities and improve sustainability in daily operations. This initiative supports IHG Green Engage Program that helps hotels to manage and report their use of energy, carbon, water and waste, and minimise their overall utility costs and environmental impact.” 

The Intercontinental Hotel in Double Bay, Sydney comprises world-class facilities including multiple dining options, cocktail bar, rooftop pool, lounge and bar and The Club InterContinental lounge.

EP&T were engaged from 2016 with the objective of establishing an independent, ‘single source of truth’ reporting and analytics solution from which the onsite facility management team would deliver energy efficiency and cost reductions.

Nearly 100 individual building optimisations have been identified, including:

  • Eliminating unnecessary energy base loads during overnight periods in various hotel and service areas by ensuring proper isolation of light and power circuits .
  • Minimising AC loads during low demand periods and applying correct schedules for AC equipment to match conditioning requirements .
  • Optimising lighting loads by providing lighting only when required. Focus was also concentrated on areas such as the hotel corridors and car park, and ensuring lighting controls were optimised in back of house.
  • Isolating equipment in the kitchen area when not required.
  • Recalibrating temperature sensors providing false zone temperatures that impact on HVAC control.
  • Optimising time of use scheduling for air handling units for common areas such as restaurants and bar.