Cumulative energy reduction


Cumulative financial savings

2,553 Tonnes

Carbon emissions avoided

2 Years

Return on investment

“EP&T Global have proven time and again to be an essential partner in our sustainability quest. They have helped us boost the efficiency of our building’s energy use without compromise to the essential care we provide our patients.”

Johnathan Greenwood, Portfolio Manager – AUS, Northwest Healthcare Properties Mgmt

Waratah Private Hospital is one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in Australia. It provides comprehensive healthcare in one building, with 7 state-of-the-art operating theatres, modern private en-suite patient rooms and full diagnostic, surgical and interventional facilities.

EP&T Global and Waratah Private have worked together in partnership since 2017, with the implementation of the EDGE Intelligent System. In that time EDGE has been the catalyst for on site energy savings initiatives such as:

  • CO (Carbon Monoxide) controls for carpark ventilation fans
  • LED upgrade and movement sensor control for carpark lighting
  • Modifying time schedules for AHUs serving theatres and other ancillary areas based on actual operational requirements
  • Ambient lockout strategy for boiler
  • Chiller water setpoint reset strategy
  • Chiller staging control